How did I do in 2011?

Hey Everyone!

Chase here to recap my New Years Resolutions that I wrote in 2011, and to see how I did! 🙂

My original post is here:

  • Write.
    I wrote exactly one post in 2011.  Pretty ass huh.   But I did a lot of posting on Facebook.  Does that count?
  • Take my vitamins everyday.
    Did pretty good.  I feel I got the majority of the year completed here.  I even finished off a complete jug of of them!
  • Lose weight.
    Didn’t lose.  🙁 – But didn’t gain either! 🙂
  • Be a better husband.
    According to Katherine, I passed.
  • Get ranked in the Top 500 in the USA in pinball.
    Rankings as of this writing:  Reached World Rank: 347th – Reached USA Rank: 121st  🙂
  • Finish the ceiling in one room of the house.
    FAIL!  This did not happen!
  • Play a video game straight through.
    Complete!  — Played Contra!

Well, not bad for 2011!

For 2012?

  • Lose Weight.
  • Be a better husband.
  • Finish the ceilings in one part of the house.
  • Purchase an EM Pinball Machine.
  • Video Blog Daily – YES DAILY!
  • Write

Thanks!  and Have a great 2012!

Chase @Nunes

Pinball Tournaments

Hey Friends,

Questions here and statements.. ….

I have thought about going to PAPA but I don’t think I will go for a few reasons, unless I’m completely wrong and off base… 🙂

1. I’m just not ready? — I mean, I can’t find a clear answer on the PAPA website, but I heard that unless you play in the premier, A Division, you wont earn any ranking points? Is that true…and if so, that leads to question #2…

2. Why pay repeated entries into a tournament you have no chance to win it? And get like 4 World Ranking Points? — Right now there are some INCREDIBLE players out there, and while I love to see where I stack up, I know right now in my playing, I pretty much have no chance “at this point” to make a run. While it was fun trying to compete (like at the NW Show), I did not have a “great time”….it felt very discouraging to see my name slip more and more in the standings…..and then my competitiveness kicks in and then I donate more money to the cause…only to feel bad when it makes no difference….BUT IF I DON’T put the money in….I won’t get ranking points…. Which leads me to #3…

3. I LIKE ONE PRICE ENTRY TOURNAMENTS 🙂 — While YES…you have the pros in the tournament you all have an equal shot and are NOT BOUND by the limit of your pocketbook. While I would love to see a sub-division to separate the Major Leagues from the AAA, I enjoyed this style (like the Super Multibrawl).

I know I might be in the minority on this but playing in the “per entry tournaments” are beginning to rub me and I don’t know why. What sucks is that unless I play in those style of tournaments, I’ll never earn enough points to make a difference…and thus the cycle is hard to break! Arrgh! 🙂

Thanks for reading and I love the VRPA and SPL! 🙂

– Chase

New Years Resolutions

So here we are at the year of 2011, an odd numbered year.  I honestly wonder how odd this year will actually be for me.  I mean, I haven’t written anything meaningful in my blog for like ages and I wonder if it would be good for me to start again.  You know…one of those “New Years Resolutions”.  Making promises to yourself, so when you miss them and fail at them it makes you feel like crap.  Makes you feel like you failed….then you wait for the next year to just do it again.

This time I decided to at least obtain a few of them, so if I miss some of them, I wont feel as bad.  I’ll put a couple in there that are easy…:)

  • Write.
  • Take my vitamins everyday.
  • Lose weight.
  • Be a better husband.
  • Get ranked in the Top 500 in the USA in pinball.
  • Finish the ceiling in one room of the house.
  • Play a video game straight through.

I think that’s enough for now.  I know there are loads of other ones out there, but in the mean time, this should work.   One last thing to add.  Am I allowed to blog about my feelings about work?  Probably not, don’t want to get fired.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon,