How did I do in 2011?

Hey Everyone!

Chase here to recap my New Years Resolutions that I wrote in 2011, and to see how I did! 🙂

My original post is here:

  • Write.
    I wrote exactly one post in 2011.  Pretty ass huh.   But I did a lot of posting on Facebook.  Does that count?
  • Take my vitamins everyday.
    Did pretty good.  I feel I got the majority of the year completed here.  I even finished off a complete jug of of them!
  • Lose weight.
    Didn’t lose.  🙁 – But didn’t gain either! 🙂
  • Be a better husband.
    According to Katherine, I passed.
  • Get ranked in the Top 500 in the USA in pinball.
    Rankings as of this writing:  Reached World Rank: 347th – Reached USA Rank: 121st  🙂
  • Finish the ceiling in one room of the house.
    FAIL!  This did not happen!
  • Play a video game straight through.
    Complete!  — Played Contra!

Well, not bad for 2011!

For 2012?

  • Lose Weight.
  • Be a better husband.
  • Finish the ceilings in one part of the house.
  • Purchase an EM Pinball Machine.
  • Video Blog Daily – YES DAILY!
  • Write

Thanks!  and Have a great 2012!

Chase @Nunes